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Information about Hanna

I`m a native speaker, translator and language lover. I believe that all this combined together makes me an interesting tutor ). I don`t simply speak French, I also try to understand the language (from a linguistic point of view).
I grew up in a bilingual family in a trilingual country. I therefore started being aware of the existence of different langages very early in my childhood. I had Latin, German, Dutch, Russian, English classes (and I tried learning Danish by myself).This led me to study translation and eventually, to teach French online.
I am a smiling person who loves meeting people from around the world. I love teaching French.
My teaching strategy is adapted to my students.
Learning grammar rules isn`t the funniest thing to do and I think that everyone would agree that you can`t achieve fluency by learning a language`s grammar only. It`s just impossible. However, no matter how un-fun it is, grammar shoudn`t be completely dismissed. It should co-exist with practice.

Availability: Monday to Thursday from 9 to 22.
Friday and Saturday from 9 to 24
Sunday from 10 to 22.

Bereid om afstand af te leggen: Home Only

Ervaring:1 year teaching experience on SKype.

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